What would you do? Just imagine – you’re diagnosed with schizophrenia and lose your job. What’s next? Well for Castro… it’s a schizophrenia diagnosis to hot dog vendor. It’s therapy and it’s helping the family in more ways than just a great income.

At the time of this interview – Castro Dawgz had been vending for 7 days. In just 7 days – business is booming. The disease wasn’t going to win. He would see to that and his family… well they all help out.

Working outside at his wife’s job, John puts the Puerto Rican spin on his menu and style. Hence the name: Castro Dawgz   –   With the help of his kids, the cart is cleaned each day and ready to impress the next. So his kids are learning the about street food vending along with taking an active responsible roll in helping ensure the cart is ready for operations. His wife finds time to help too.

Over the years, I’ve watched people start vending after being set aside by their current employers. Some of these had diagnosis’ from Cancer to Lupus. They weren’t about to let the misfortune place them on the sidelines of life. John is no exception and has been kicking butt in his first week.

Hey Ben my name is John castro.

I’ve been watching your videos for a year after I traded one of my motorcycles for a all America hot dog cart I haven’t worked for seven years due to me having schizophrenia and tendonitis many places will bot hire me because some days are better than other.

I’m a father if 5 and I have a wife and she is an extremely hard working woman for her family I got tired of watching her struggle so I made a move got the cart licensed and yesterday was my first day and in 4 hours of sales I made $200 in porfits i have a spot in fromt of my wifes job in a parking lot where there are many warehouses and no food unless you drive away i watch all your videos shoped on your website.

And I’m hoping to one day buy me a king cart from you I’m in Portland Oregon and I want to thank you for your help and I would love to share my story with your viewers

His goal is to get a Stand King® soon and by the look of this first week – it won’t be long. John gives several tips but one he shares is about making sure you pick the RIGHT cart when you start. John is expanding his menu fast and it isn’t done. The small cart he has now can’t begin to deliver his future – menu plans.

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